Earnings Disclaimer-Saree Mane

We are Affiliate Marketers

At Saree Mane, we display products from multiple online e-commerce sites. We are not holding any inventory and are also not involved in direct shipping of the products sold.

We act as affiliate marketers recommending visitors to buy the products displayed on the Saree mane site. We recommend only the best products basis review scores and incremental sales.

Product features are available on the main e-commerce site. However, we provide useful information on the product, its usage, and care tips. These are general information that can help visitors to buy the product.

Visitors get different variants of products based on the product category. They can read the product description, information on the product usage and care, which can help to purchase the product.

The product prices displayed on our site are from the main e-commerce sites. Prices may vary slightly basis discounts running on the main e-commerce site from which we have an affiliation license.

We Will Not Charge You!

We at Saree mane, will not charge anything directly from our site visitors. 

Clicking the buy now button, visitors will be directed to the main e-commerce site. Activities like adding to cart, checkout, payment, and shipment will be carried out by the main e-commerce site only. Before making the final payment, you are advised to read the return policy and shipment policy.

On successful purchases, we will get payment from the main e-commerce site in the form of an affiliate commission. And definitely, we need money to run the life 🙂

At Saree mane, we don’t collect user personal information like mobile number, email ID, or demographic detail. However, the visitor can subscribe to a regular newsletter free of cost to their email ID. User can unsubscribe anytime, we don’t spam.

You may see ads displaying on the screen. These are google ads. They promote other products on our site basis visitor preferences. We get a commission from Google if and only if visitors click on the ad and make purchases.