Chiffon Printed Saree In Blue Colour

  • Super Stylish Chiffon Printed Saree In Blue Colour Comes With Matching Chiffon Blouse Fabric.
  • This Saree Is Crafted With Elegant Print.
  • This Saree Can Be Worn On Party Wear Occasion And Can Grace Any Body Type.
  • This Saree Comes With Unstitched Blouse Which Can Be Stitched Up To Size 42.
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Did You Know about Chiffon Saree?

  • Chiffon is a very popular fabric for traditional Indian costumes, and it is often used to make sarees and dupattas
  • The way chiffon holds dyes well and because of its smooth drape make it popular for these brightly-colored Sarees
  • Chiffon is a weaving process that produces a lightweight, plain weave fabric with a slight shine.
  • Chiffon comes from the French word chiffe, which means cloth or rag. The first chiffons were made exclusively from silk. Since chiffon was primarily a silk fabric, it was very expensive and its use in fashion and design signified high status
  • Chiffon is a gossamer or gauze-like fabric that is known for its sheer, floating, and shimmery nature, almost like tissue paper
  • Chiffon has a beautiful drape, which makes it popular for casual Sarees. It also does hold a little bit of its own structure, which gives the fabric a nice character.

Wash n' Care for Chiffon Saree

  • Silk chiffon needs to be dry cleaned.
  • Polyester chiffon and nylon chiffon can be hand washed or washed in the washing machine on gentle.
  • Use a mild, gentle detergent.
  • Wash with cold water and soak for 30 minutes. Do not leave in the water for any longer because the dye will start to fade.
  • Do not wring. Chiffon can easily lose shape.
  • Lay flat. Don’t use clips as they can create marks on the fabric on the line.
  • Don’t put in the sun. The fabric can fade so avoid direct sunlight.


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