Designer Brown Satin Georgette Saree

  • Designer Brown Satin Georgette Saree Is Exclusively Crafted With Embroidery.
  • The Brown Colour Saree Comes With Matching Georgette Fabric Blouse Of 0.80 Meters.
  • Georgette Saree Can Be Worn On Party Wear Occasion And Can Grace Any Body Type.
  • Georgette Sarees are preferred for party and office wear. With simple jewelry and decent hairstyle gives elegant look to the woman.
  • Blouse Can Be Stitched Up To Size 42 Inches.
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Did You Know about Georgette Saree?

  • Georgette is a sheer and comes in both translucent and opaque textures, lightweight fabric named after the early 20th century French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante.
  • Pure Georgette is quite expensive compared to all the variations of the fabric. Silk georgette is relatively delicate, but varieties made with synthetic fibers can be more resilient to damage.
  • Georgette is a more durable and a stronger fabric. Usually this fabric gives out a crushed or twisted feel. This effect is very much appreciated as it tends to bring out more of the physique figure of the woman wearing it.
  • The tendency of the fabric to drape very well and loose flowing makes it an apt choice for many women who love the soft silky yet comfortable look.
  • Due to its thin texture, the Georgette fabric is also light weight and easy to handle. For this reason the fabric is also used as a layer in a larger garment without adding to the weight of the overall costume.
  • The various kinds of Georgette currently available are: Jacquard Georgette fabric, Nylon Georgette fabric, Viscose Georgette fabric, Silk Georgette fabric, Polyester Georgette fabric, Satin Georgette fabric.
  • Not all Georgette fabrics are the same. There exists a kind known as the ‘faux Georgette’. These can be identified with the roughness of the material.

Wash n' Care for Georgette Saree

  • These need to be handled with care as the georgette  fabric is very delicate and prone to tear easily.
  • Handwashing is always the best and safest method for washing georgette. Do not use brush. Handwashing gently and allow the water to drip.
  • Do not hang them for a long time as they might lose their shape. Do not squeeze or wrap tightly.
  • Avoid using safety pins which may damage the texture and leave the mark on the fabric.
  • Most delicate items will be wrinkled after laundering. We recommend steaming for the best and safest finish.
  • If ironing, use the lowest temperature setting and make the garment inside out. A pressing cloth between the iron and item will be safest.
  • We recommend storing in a breathable cotton Hanging Garment Bag to protect items from bugs. Storing in plastic encourages yellowing and can trap mildew-causing moisture, a prime environment for bugs.
  • Refold these sarees from time to time to avoid ripping on creases.


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